Beschrijving: Meridians and Chakra’s: an Integration?
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We’ll go into

  • the energetics of meridians: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Shiatsu
  • Main elements of the Ayurvedic model of health.
  • Coincidences between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.
  • Theoretical framework to integrate chakras and meridians in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Benefits of looking through the perspective of these two models of health integratively
  • Exercises to enhance your perception of energy
  • Chakras: theory, self-discovery exercises and practical applications in the clinical setting.
  • Manual techniques to work with chakras and their spinning directions
  • Yin/Yang and it’s meaning in Ayurveda: liberation and manifestation streams of ki.
  • Fast energy-diagnostic tools.
  • Using tsubos (acupoints) as chakras.
  • Common symptoms that can be resolved with chakra/meridian combination.
  • Case histories discussion and practical hands-on work with classmates.